At Myant, we are fostering the development of the ecosystem needed to transform the way people connect to and interact with the world

We are capital allocators, resource aggregators, and deep tech innovators. We build, partner, and invest in companies and organizations that will deliver our shared vision.

Why Are We Doing This? 

Because technology is leaving people and the planet behind. We want to enable a new human-centred future where man, machine, AI and the environment co-exist and thrive. Society 5.0 and cognitive cities will emerge that are:
Human Centred


Merging of the physical and digital

Data-driven, predictive, and adaptable

To realize that future we will need an ecosystem that:

Develops deep tech and advanced materials capabilities

Materials and products will become intelligent, connected, and adaptive to their environment and each individual

Builds magnets for talent and collaboration

Aggregate talent across industry, academia, government, and public policy

Establishes a maker culture

It is not good enough to have a great idea. We need to build the know-how and ability to bring these new materials and products to market at scale

Develops a new standard for human connection

Enabling continuous, bi-directional access to the human OS

Develops human-centred AI

With compute and processing power at the edge continuously in real-time.

How do we enable continuous access to the human OS?

Our Skiin textile computing solutions are setting a new standard for human connectivity.

  • Universal and accessible - everyone wears textiles and undergarments
  • Continuous
  • Interoperable, comprehensive and open - allowing us to capture the whole person in real time by augmenting Skiin data sets with other data sources
  • Bi-directional - sensing and reacting
  • Personalized - we will be able to deliver treatment plans and recommendations specific to a person's physiology and interactions with other systems and the physical world.

What Apple did for the smartphone and the digitization of the real world, we will do for textile computing and the digitization of the human body.

We are fostering this ecosystem through each of our divisions

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