SKIIN Textile Computing Platform

Myant SKIIN is the world’s first Textile Computing platform. It enables the creation of smart clothing and fabrics that deliver continuous monitoring, multi-point sensing and bidirectional capabilities in a comfortable, familiar form-factor.

Innovation & Integration from Head to Toe

Whether it's blood pressure monitoring of the chronically ill, heart rate monitoring of pregnant mothers and their unborn babies, or slip and fall detection for the elderly, the SKIIN Textile Computing platform enables innovative health and wellness solutions across all stages of life.

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Health & Wellness

​Remote monitoring of biodata such as ECG, HRV, BP, temperature and more. Reduce medical costs, prevent readmission and enable the sick and elderly to live longer, healthier and happier in the comfort of their home.

- Share data with clinicians, caregivers and family

Performance & Sport

Amateur or Pro, track performance, improve recovery and minimize risk across a variety of sports and training programs.

- Share data with trainers, coaches and teammates

Connected Home

Manage environmental conditions including lighting, temperature and motion, while adding convenience and safety with textile-based home automation.

- Share data with family and friends

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