Myant Develops Novel Washable and Reusable Mask Surpassing ASTM Level 1 Standards for 95% Bacterial and Particulate Filtration

Myant Inc., global leader in textile computing and innovator in reusable PPE, has developed a new textile mask passing ASTM Level 1 standards for bacterial and particulate filtration at >95% filtration efficiency, creating a more sustainable alternative to single-use masks rated for the same level of filtration. The Myant 95 Mask is in full-scale manufacturing at the company’s facility …

Myant Unveils Connected PPE Concepts, Creating New Ways to Assess Health and Performance as Part of the Skiin Interconnected System of Biometric Garments

Myant Inc., global pioneer in textile computing, has revealed concept designs for connected PPE that utilize VOC sensing, enabling new ways of holistically assessing health and performance as part of an expanding interconnected system of biometric garments being realized by the company.

Myant Announces Partnership with Dental Expert Dr. Natalie Archer DDS for Innovation in PPE for Dentistry

Myant Inc., world leaders in textile computing, have announced a partnership with Dr. Natalie Archer DDS, recognized Canadian dental expert, to collaboratively develop a new line of personal protective equipment designed to address the tremendous risks that dental professionals face as they re-open their practices to serve their communities in need.