What is possible in a world where textiles can sense, anticipate and react? Discover how health, performance and work all change when everyday textiles in your environment that are Powered by Skiin are connected to the Myant Platform. [Image to be updated]

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// Connecting You to Better Living

Skiin Connects You to What Matters Most Throughout Your Daily Life

By wearing clothes Powered by Skiin in your everyday life, you connect you to people and benefits in ways previously unimagined. Skiin is an interface to the human operating system, capturing information about you and your body and leveraging the power of machine learning on the Myant Platform to help you and those who care about you  to take better care, to work safer and smarter, to push harder past your boundaries.

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// Unlocking Benefits of Clothes Powered by Skiin

Layers of Benefits 

Each individual item of clothing Powered by Skiin enables a set of core functions, but by layering additional Skiin garments onto your daily life you begin to unlock additional insights and benefits. Want to understand how your sleep patterns are impacting your race day performance? Interested in knowing how your exercise is impacting your productivity at work? Or maybe you want to know how work stress is affecting your sleep? Your life is interconnected and Skiin effortlessly enables these relationships to be understood, providing you helpful insights to help you better manage your health, optimize your performance and stay safe and productive at work.

See which benefits are unlocked when you add different garments Powered by Skiin into your life: [This is a list of checkboxes that dynamically drives the interactive element beside it. Garments light up on the avatar and benefits are highlighted on the list. Alternatively we could show 3 scenarios / combos of garments.]

  • [Checkbox] Skiin Underwear / Bra / Tank Top / Band
  • [Checkbox] Skiin Heated Base Layer
  • [Checkbox] Skiin Socks
  • [Checkbox] Skiin Compression Workout Shorts [Etc.]

Social Connectedness Benefits

  • Connect With Loved Ones, Caregivers, Healthcare Providers, Trainers, Insurers, and Others Who Have a Vested Interest in Your Health, Performance, and Safety
  • [Etc.]

Connected Health & Wellness Benefits

  • Heart Health Tracking
  • Fertility Tracking
  • Activity Tracking
  • AI-Powered Predictive Wellness Warnings
  • Sleep Tracking

Connected Performance Benefits

  • Exercise Tracking
  • Power Input
  • TENS for Pain Relief (guided by activity level)
  • Remote Training and Rehabilitation Sessions
  • [Etc.]

Connected Work & Safety Benefits

  • Automatic Insurance Deductions for Healthy Behaviors* (with participating insurers) 
  • Focus & Stress Tracking
  • [Etc.]

Michael, 62

Young at Heart

I promised my 5-year old grandson that I'd teach him how to ride a motorcycle when he turns 16 and I always keep my promises.

I take care of my heart with Skiin

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Nothing stops me, but my body sometimes tries. I listen to my body to discover new levels of performance.

I can conquer anything with Skiin.

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Rakim, 41


My people rely on me. A construction site is not child's play and I make sure they go home to their kids every night.

I protect my crew with Skiin.

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// Connected Health & Wellness

No Matter the Distance, You Care.

Skiin keeps you close to what matters most: the health of you and your loved ones. [This description will explain how what being connected to your health via Skiin will enable. Will talk about empathy, new way of connecting, taking care of loved ones.] [Image to be changed]

Key Benefits:

  • Peace of mind via up-to-the minute information on well-being, health, and activity
  • [Other key benefits]
  • All garments that are Powered by Skiin connect to the Myant Platform, granting you the ability to not only monitor your health and well-being, but to also optimize your performance when exercising and protect you in workplaces that are also Powered by Skiin

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  • [Link to Article] Heart Health Technical Paper (Why taking care of your heart is important) 

// Connected Performance

Connect to Conquer

Skiin keeps you close to what matters most: your body's performance. [This description will give the connect to conquer vision. Will talk about connected fitness, recovery, sharing performance experiences, inspiring others, etc.] [Image to be Changed]

Key Benefits:

  • [Key benefits]
  • All garments that are Powered by Skiin connect to the Myant Platform, granting you the ability to not only optimize your performance when exercising, but to also monitor your health and protect you in workplaces that are also Powered by Skiin

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// Connected Work & Safety

Work Designed Around Humans

Skiin keeps you close to what matters most: insight to help you optimize performance and safety at work. [This section will give the connected work vision, both blue collar safety focused and white collar productivity and wellness focused. Will talk about connected workplaces that warn of danger, keep workers safe, maintaining wellness at work, etc. This is from the consumer POV.] [Image to be Changed]

Key Benefits:

  • [Key benefits]
  • All garments that are Powered by Skiin connect to the Myant Platform, granting you the ability to not only protect you in workplaces that are also Powered by Skiin, but to also monitor your health and optimize your performance when exercising. 

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  • [Link to Article] Connected Work Technical Paper (The benefits of working for an employer who actively manages worker well-being) 

// How It Works

Textiles on the Myant Platform

[This section will include a brief overview of how the different parts are connected. It will explain the diagram which will be updated to something more appealing. This will be written from a consumer POV. Basically User wears interfaces that connect to the cloud, AI looks at your digital twin, sends meaningful insights to you, your loved ones, and others who can help like physicians, trainers, your insurer, etc.]

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