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About Myant Ventures

Myant Ventures is the investment division of Myant Corp, a groundbreaking venture connecting start-ups to the global capabilities in Advanced Materials and Textile-Computing technologies. Aligned with Myant's overarching purpose of advancing science and technology for the benefit of humanity and the planet, our mission is clear: to drive innovation, foster strategic growth, and enhance our competitive edge.

Our Mission and Approach

Our mission is to identify, invest in, and nurture promising startups and emerging technologies that align with our corporate purpose and values. We serve as a conduit to Myant Corporation's research center, operating business units, and intellectual property portfolio. Our tailored programs encompass a mix of venture capital, accelerator, and studio frameworks, allowing us to design a program that best suits promising entrepreneurs and teams, thereby enabling them to leverage our offerings most successfully.

Patent Portfolio

We manage a robust portfolio of over 1,500 patents that are available as part of our service or on an individual license basis.

Access to Global Expertise

We offer access to some of the brightest minds in Advanced Materials research and development, providing fully equipped labs, cutting-edge equipment, manufacturing scale-up and supporting infrastructure to help turn your business aspirations into tangible products.

Accelerating Innovation

In our unique ecosystem, your ideas can evolve into impactful ventures. Our commitment to your growth is evident in our approach where advanced technologies and strategic guidance converge. This convergence caters not only to your immediate needs and progress but also paves the way for sustainable long-term growth.

Connect with us 

We recognize that great ideas and innovators come from varied experiences and backgrounds. We invite you to connect with us if any of the following resonates with your current situation:

  • Your business includes 'making' a product
  • You have a materials-based problem to solve or a system design challenge
  • Need to improve your MVP or encountering a challenge characterizing and stabilizing your product
  • Require technical expertise to manufacture your product at scale
  • Need support through the full product development process from wet lab to production

Our intention is to create a sustainable bridge between product development/manufacturability and commercialization, helping convert start-ups into scale-ups by providing a new model of support and funding.

Ready to explore the possibilities? Connect with us below.

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We are excited to embark on this journey of innovation with you. Whether you are working out of a University lab, an accelerator program, or your garage, we are here to support you. Let's shape the future together!