Myant Inc. launches direct to patient solution through new Healthcare Division MyantHealth

MyantHealth begins offering its digital platform and Skiin™ wearable products at an introductory price of $275/kit welcoming you to a new standard of care in cardiovascular health.

TORONTO, CANADA – December 7, 2022 – The MyantHealth digital platform and Skiin wearable technology is a breakthrough solution for;

  • Accessibility to quality healthcare anytime, anywhere
  • Continuous, remote monitoring in any environment
  • Supporting distribution of care across the family with dignity and insights
  • Meeting the unique needs and challenges in Women's health issues
  • Empowering and informing patients and consumers to manage their own health 
  • Leading the pathway towards a personalised and preventative model of health
  • Reducing the anxiety and stress of not knowing a loved one’s status
  • Improving the efficiency and well being of over-worked healthcare professionals

Myant Inc. Toronto, Canada, is the world leader in Textile Computing™ technology incorporating health sensors and actuators directly into everyday clothing. The launch of MyantHealth begins the journey of applying this groundbreaking technology to overcome the challenges impeding the access to high quality and timely care for all.  

MyantHealth’s innovative approach to care allows users to connect to our health platform through medical grade continuous sensing wearables we call Skiin™.  Using garments that people wear everyday as the connector to your own health data, achieves our goal of making access to healthcare universal and attainable by all.  The Skiin™ system continuously collects vital biometric data viewable on our App, for users, and our Virtual Clinic, for healthcare practitioners. Now, those living with, or at risk of Cardiovascular disease, will be able to;

  • Log symptoms such as chest pain, palpitations or heart pounding, and degree of severity as they occur, and share with your practitioner

  • Display health data live with practitioners during virtual appointments creating meaningful assessments

  • Share health data with family members to check on each other from anywhere, anytime

  • Use platform services to help assess the symptoms or presence of Atrial Fibrillation and other arrhythmias

  • Develop personal health metrics baseline and trends to proactively manage and take control of one’s healthcare

We are making our health platform and Skiin™ available to all to help address the immediate issue of accessibility and the long wait lists patients experience to see specialists, in a virtual and informed manner, comments Tony Chahine, CEO of Myant Inc. “At the same time, our unique technology and health platform are positioned to overcome the challenges of location, availability and access to informative data thereby eliminating the barriers standing in the way of high quality care and outcomes.

At MyantHealth, we believe that informed patients, family and healthcare practitioners share equally in the journey towards better health outcomes and a better life. We designed our health platform and Skiin™ precisely for this purpose and to raise the standard of care in cardiovascular health for all.

Connecting to your own health, your care circle and healthcare practitioners has never been easier!  Purchase your Skiin™ kit and start wearing the garments as you normally would. Your data will be visible to you and those in your circle of care on the MyantHealth platform, putting you on the path to better health. 

Go to now to learn more and purchase your Skiin™ kit. 

In the coming months, MyantHealth will launch new form factors to support connection over a 24hr cycle and open up a breadth of new health indications and services in line with our mission to deliver whole person care.  

NB  Skiin™ wearables are licensed by Health Canada and eligible for insurance coverage. Ask your plan administrator for more information.