Myant Develops Novel Washable and Reusable Mask Surpassing ASTM Level 1 Standards for 95% Bacterial and Particulate Filtration

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TORONTO, ON – December 11, 2020Myant Inc., global leader in textile computing and innovator in reusable PPE, has developed a new textile mask passing ASTM Level 1 standards* for bacterial and particulate filtration at >95% filtration efficiency, creating a more sustainable alternative to single-use masks rated for the same level of filtration. The Myant 95 Mask is in full-scale manufacturing at the company’s facility in Etobicoke, ON, with the first run of masks available for sale at on December 16, 2020.

The Need for a Reusable ASTM Level 1 Filtering Mask: Sustainable Safety

Single-use, ASTM Level 1 standard surgical masks have long been a ubiquitous presence in healthcare settings, and have become widely adopted by the public in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic drags on, our over reliance on disposable ASTM level 1 masks has created an environmental crisis with used, potentially hazardous, disposable masks piling up in landfills or worse, ending up on streets and other common spaces. Single-use masks present an economic challenge as well, since an average person may go through multiple masks per day, creating escalating costs as the pandemic continues without a clear end in sight.

Recognizing the need for a more sustainable and higher value alternative to single use surgical masks, Myant has developed a knitted textile structure that meets internationally recognized standards for bacterial and particulate filtration. The standards set out by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM, an international standards organization, see ASTM F2100 - 19e1 standard) include threshold levels for bacterial and particulate filtration efficiency.

With performance validated by independent third-party laboratories, Myant has leveraged its textile innovation capabilities to create a textile that meets the ASTM Level 1 requirements for bacterial and particulate filtration. The independent testing results* can be found in the links below: 

  • Myant PPE - Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Test Summary [Link]
  • Myant PPE - Particulate Filtration Efficiency & Differential Pressure Test Summary [Link]

* ASTM Level 1 Filtration testing performed on main body of the mask and excludes the edge-binding.

Beyond simply meeting these criteria, Myant has designed this new generation of high-performance masks with all-day usage in mind, applying advanced textile shaping techniques that allow airflow to be properly channeled. The net result is a mask that comfortably meets the Delta P standard (differential pressure), a measure that indicates the level of breathability.

Future Textile PPE Innovation from Myant

Production of the Myant 95 mask is currently underway at the company’s Etobicoke-based facility to support a commercial launch date of December 16, 2020. These masks will be available in multiple styles/colors and will be sold through

Myant has a number of other PPE-related innovations on the horizon, including achieving higher levels of filtration for dental applications, as well as ASTM Level 1 masks with a clear window facilitating improved communication and a connected biometric mask

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Learn more about the scientific data backing the need for enhanced bacterial and particulate filtration:

More Than a Face Covering - The Science of Filtration & Our Collective Need for Better Protection (Read the Whitepaper)

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