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Myant @ CES 2020

TORONTO, January 15, 2020 – Myant kicked off 2020 in grand fashion with an incredible week in Las Vegas at CES 2020 (January 7-10, 2020), the annual showcase of the world's most innovative consumer technologies. Myant's presence at CES this year was bigger and better than ever before--the 3,000 sq ft booth was the biggest in the Health & Wellness section of CES--matching the scale of the vision and the transformative nature of the textile technology on display.

Myant demonstrated a myriad of textile computing applications, including the Skiin Connected Health & Wellness line of apparel which was honored as part of the CES 2020 Innovation Awards. Visitors to the booth were immersed into a world connected by textile, where applications of connected textiles across the different facets of daily life (i.e. home, work, and play) were showcased. 

Read on to discover some of the incredible sights, press releases, and media coverage related to Myant's week in Las Vegas.

Action at the Myant Booth

Myant Announcements at CES 2020

In the past week, Myant issued a series of announcements to highlight the many different initiatives going on in the company. Take a look at all the ways that textile computing is changing the world!

Myant to Unveil a World Where Human Connectedness is Transformed by Textiles at CES 2020

Myant Inc., pioneers in Textile Computing, will be headed to CES 2020 (January 7-10, 2020) to bring to life their vision of a world where textile-based interfaces knitted directly into everyday objects form a better connection between you your body, your community, the AI-powered digital sphere, and the physical IoT-enabled environment ...

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Myant Wins CES 2020 Innovation Award for the Skiin Connected Health & Wellness System

Myant Inc., the world leader in Textile Computing, is pleased to announce that the company has been selected as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree for its Skiin Connected Health and Wellness System. The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products ...

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Myant to Showcase Line-up of Heart Health Management Apparel and Textiles at CES 2020 to Democratize Access to Electrocardiography for People Across Society

Myant Inc., pioneers in Textile Computing, will be showcasing a line-up of products that enable continuous and ambient heart health management at CES 2020, including apparel from the Skiin Connected Health & Wellness line which was honored as a winner in the CES 2020 Innovation Awards ...

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A New Era of Remote Monitoring, Rehabilitation and Telemedicine Enabled By Textiles to be Showcased at CES 2020 by Myant, Pioneers in Textile Computing

By employing textiles that can sense and react to the human body and connecting patients to loved ones, healthcare practitioners and AI, Myant aims to close the gap in the feedback loop that has previously limited existing models of telemedicine and usher in a new era of where distance is no longer a barrier to effective care ...

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Myant to Demonstrate Textile-Based Full-Body Interface at CES 2020, Creating New Ways to Understand and Communicate with the Human Body for All People

By functionalizing the different form factors on the body, granting them the ability to capture different biometric data types and react through thermal, electrical, and haptic stimuli, Myant is effectively building a new type of bridge between a person, artificial intelligence, and other humans in extended reality spaces via their digital twins ...

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Myant to Showcase Office Environment that Senses, Predicts, and Reacts to Workers at CES 2020, Bridging the Gap Between the Human Operating System and the Physical Workplace

An office environment connected to the Myant Platform will be aware of the worker's current physical and psychological state, anticipate their needs, and react to create personalized experiences that optimize individual performance, resulting in enterprise-wide enhancement of productivity and workforce health and well-being ...

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Myant & Helly Hansen to Demonstrate Connected Safety Footwear at CES 2020, Highlighting New Methods to Enhance Worker Well-being and Prevent Workplace Accidents

Myant Inc., pioneers in Textile Computing, and Helly Hansen, the global technical and safety apparel brand, will be showcasing a connected safety shoe at CES 2020 as part of Myant's vision of creating a new industry by connecting people to ...

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Myant and Helly Hansen Unveil Line of Active Thermal Workwear with Dynamic Temperature Regulation at CES 2020, Demonstrating the Possibilities of Work in a World Connected by Textile

These wire-free garments are embedded with sensors that can measure temperature and react by delivering heat to maximize comfort and enhance productivity. This is one of the first applications of Myant's larger vision to transform the future of work via textiles that can sense and react ...

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Myant to Demonstrate Connected Textiles for Fitness and Cycling at CES 2020 that Enable New Modes of Textile-Based Performance Optimization

Myant Inc., pioneers in textile computing, will be exhibiting at CES 2020 in Las Vegas and showcasing a system of connected performance apparel (including a pair of connected cycling shorts) designed to augment fitness experiences, connecting athletes to their bodies, their training partners and coaches ...

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Myant to Unveil the Digital Textile Exchange (DTX) at CES 2020, a Platform to Democratize Access to Textile Manufacturing Capacity and Enable Textile Innovation

By connecting existing manufacturers, inventors, startups, and academia with knitting machines and textile producers all working under a new universal set of standards, DTX will streamline the process of going from idea to mass-scale production for advanced textiles, and reignite the culture of making and innovation that has been fading in the textile world for decades ...

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Myant in the Media

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Myant has created the world’s first platform that continuously and ambiently connects people to their bodies, to each other, and to the world around them. Using connected textiles that can sense and react to the human body and a platform that enables machine learning driven health and performance outcomes, Myant is on a mission to transform human connectedness. With an extensive patent portfolio, key exclusive relationships within the textile computing industry, a multidisciplinary team of researchers, engineers, data scientists, fashion* designers and knitting specialists, and over 80,000 ft² of manufacturing capacity, Myant is changing the way people across society connect. Connect with us to find out how we can help you create innovative solutions powered by connected textiles and the Myant Platform.

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