Knitting the Future:
Myant Inc. and Ryerson University’s FCAD partner to make Toronto the home of Textile Computing™

April 24, 2019

TORONTO, April 24, 2019 – Toronto-based Myant Inc., the world's first end-to-end Textile Computing™ company, and Ryerson University’s Faculty of Communication and Design, Canada’s leading creative innovation hub, are partnering to push the boundaries of design, fashion and engineering through new ideas and applications in the emerging field of Textile Computing™. Through this collaboration, the new Myant Textile Computing lab at FCAD will enable groundbreaking collaborative research across disciplines into new user experiences, advanced textile design, and novel fabrication processes.
Textile Computing™ refers to the integration of technology, notably biometric sensors and actuators for the transmission of heat and stimulus, into the very fibers of textile-based products. Textiles have long been inextricably linked to humanity. No other element in our lives provides such universal coverage: 100 per cent of the population, nearly 100 per cent of the time, and nearly 100 per cent of the body’s real estate. Today, thanks to advances in material science that allow for the integration of technology in textiles at the nanoscale, it is possible to create an invisible technology platform that can transform healthcare and related fields by acting as the last mile between expertise, the Internet of Things, and our bodies. With the creation of the Myant Textile Computing lab, FCAD aims to empower students and faculty to develop solutions to real-world problems across industries through design and fabrication.

“An international leader in the realm of textile computing, Myant is at the forefront of the next wave of industrial and commercial innovation in Canada,” said Charles Falzon, Dean of Ryerson University’s FCAD. “Our students and faculty live at the intersection of design, technology and user experience, and we are excited to work with Myant to unlock new possibilities for the future of human-machine interactions through textile computing.”

As part of the strategic partnership, Ryerson and Myant will work together, along with other public and private partners, towards the establishment of Toronto as the innovation hub for Textile Computing™ in Canada and around the world. In addition, Myant has committed to providing long-term research funding for Ryerson faculty and researchers to help propel advances in related fields, and help keep valuable intellectual property in Canada. Myant has also become a partner in FCAD’s flagship interdisciplinary innovation course, the Design Solutions Supercourse. The Supercourse brings together students from across science, technology, engineering, arts, design, media and communications fields to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.

“Ryerson’s interdisciplinary approach makes it a natural partner for Myant and supports our efforts to turn Toronto into the global home for Textile Computing™ expertise,” said Tony Chahine, CEO and Founder of Myant. “Together we can help re-energize the cultures of design and manufacturing in Canada by linking innovative ideas and research with industrial production to create solutions that improve the lives of millions.” The potential applications of Textile Computing™ are immense and cross every sector, with immediate opportunities in health and wellness, automotive, aerospace, performance apparel and more.

Myant is on a mission to empower humanity through Textile Computing™. Founded in 2010, Toronto-based Myant Inc. has created the world’s first Textile Computing™ platform that ambiently connects humans to the world around them through textile-based solutions. With an extensive patent portfolio, a multidisciplinary team of researchers, engineers, data scientists, fashion designers and knitting technicians, and over 80,000 ft² of manufacturing capacity, Myant is turning everyday textiles into bidirectional interfaces for human-computer interaction. Connect with us to find out how we can help you create innovative solutions powered by textiles that can sense and react to the human body.

The Faculty of Communication and Design is the cultural and creative hub at Ryerson University. With its nine prestigious schools in media and creative industries, FCAD’s interdisciplinary innovation and education are shaping the future of the creative Industries.

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