Thank You: A Personal Message from Myant CEO Tony Chahine

Looking back over the course of my career as an entrepreneur and business leader, never has there been a year in which I have faced as many challenges as in 2020. Many of the challenges that Myant faced in years past were technical in nature, but this year the challenges were much more human: How can we protect the people we care about, stay connected even when we are forced to be apart, all while keeping the momentum of the business going? all while maintaining momentum towards our goals?

Connect to Conquer: Unlocking Performance Potential By Connecting the Athlete to their Mind and Body

Professional athletes and coaches are well aware that optimal performance is not just about the state of the body but also about the state of the mind. While there has been great focus on the readiness of the body to perform, what about the mind? Are mind and body not connected? If they are, how can we quantify this relationship to personalize coaching and optimize performance?

Reimagining Pregnancy for a Textile Computing™ Future

‘Pregnancy Reimagined’ is a Myant women’s health initiative. As a company committed to improving women’s health, Myant’s Textile Computing™ platform aims to empower and inform expectant mothers by connecting them to their own health and the health of their fetus.