Our Vision

Envisioning 2050

Picture a world where autonomous mobility, IoT, and smart cities form the network that continuously connects people to the digital world. We ponder how humanity will engage in this evolving environment. In a hyper-connected world, communications technology will enable human-to-human, human-to-machine and machine-to-machine interactions that will permeate our daily lives.  We are setting the standard for new human-computer interfaces, leveraging hard and deep technology to enhance our sensory experiences and bridge the gap between time and distances. Myant is committed to synchronizing science and society, developing innovative solutions, and enabling their wide adoption and accessibility that lead to a better future for all.  

Our Mission

Inspiring Tomorrow's Creators

Operating at the intersection of deep technologies and industries of strategic importance, we are developing our own innovations and solutions that solve complex problems in human health and wellness to build a better future for humanity.  

We see vast opportunities ahead which compel us to open our doors and work with outside inventors and researchers, guiding them from breakthrough discoveries to commercial success, ensuring we capture the benefits and outcomes of our IP,  know-how and assets.  Diving deep into our collective curiosity and vulnerabilities is a strength that reinforces what drives us and leads to breakthroughs.

CEO & Founder

Tony Chahine

Tony Chahine is the CEO and founder of Myant, a revolutionary company anchored in deep tech innovation, advanced materials, textile computing, technology, research, and advanced manufacturing.

On a mission to enable a future society where humans, animals and the planet co-exist in harmony, Tony holds an unwavering belief that through functional materials we can build a sustainable and connected future. He dreams of a healthcare system that is proactive, preventive, and personalized - where even the most vulnerable members in our communities have continuous access to, and benefit from, the advancements of technology for a better quality of life.

With a background in electrical engineering, Tony came to Canada in 1990 and quickly saw an opportunity to upset traditional electronics markets with new products and business strategies. In 1992, he founded Battery Plus, and in so doing was the first to bring innovative battery technologies to the North American market. He continued innovation in the retail sector by acquiring and transforming companies, with a focus on sustainability and ethically produced goods.

Notwithstanding the grit and sacrifice needed to transform ideas into reality, Tony persevered and created Myant, driven by the single purpose of improving people's lives, especially within the healthcare system. In 2010 he started Myant, a textile computing company which embeds sensors and actuators into fabrics. The Myant products are medical devices that continuously monitor vitals, including heart rate and electrocardiogram. Myant is changing the way people connect with medical professionals through advanced material science, textile computing, and the AI-enabled Myant Platform.

In that spirit he recently acquired Xerox Research Centre of Canada, one of the most sophisticated advanced material deep tech facilities in the world and then founded Myant X. Sustainability and wellness, as well as planet and human centric design, are its core principles.

A strong advocate that Canada must take a leadership role on a global scale to become a highly innovative 'making economy', Tony is convinced that innovation, prototyping, scaling, and commercializing are interconnected, and are most relevant only when executed together. As a visionary with focus Tony has been pursuing the dream of unitng the power of academia, government, and industry to best serve Canadians, and to allow our youth to thrive and excel. In 2019 the Myant Centre of Excellence at Toronto Metropolitan University was established with the intention of enhancing the education system, with a new realm of innovation.

“Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave.” (Kahlil Gibran)

Tony is an inspiring, globally sought-after public speaker and thought leader on several topics including innovation, inclusion and shaping a better future for humanity. Tony has a strong sense of commitment to Canada and consequently has the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors for MITACS and NGen, as well as the Imagination Catalyst Board at OCAD.


ISO Certified

Our Commitment to Quality

We believe in creating life-changing products not only to meet, but exceed, our customer’s expectations. While constantly innovating, we strive for the highest possible quality in our emerging industry. Our organization is committed to continuous improvement and operates using a Quality Management System that is registered to the requirements of ISO 13485:2016.