Who is Myant?

Textile Computing is the product of years of vision and work by Myant founder Tony Chahine. Tony is a proven technology pioneer, having founded Battery Plus in the 1990’s and growing the innovative battery technology company into a national chain of over 100 stores. He became fascinated with the ubiquity of textiles and clothing and their potential as a computing platform. Tony visited supplier after supplier, from yarn companies and textile manufacturers, to R&D labs around the globe. What he found was a blind-spot about the potential of textiles to be used for computing.

Unwilling to accept this lack of vision and innovation, Myant Inc. was created to develop Textile Computing and enable innovative solutions for healthcare, wellness and other industries. Today, Myant employs over 80 engineers, technicians, designers and scientists at its Toronto, Ontario headquarters. Together with partners including Stoll A.G., & Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, as well as the Mayo Clinic, UHN Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Ryerson University and the University of Toronto, Myant is on a mission to improve the lives of billions with functional fashion and fabrics.

Our Vision

We believe in a future where every one of us has a digital window into what’s going on inside our bodies, the ability to use that insight to make proactive decisions about our health & wellness, and the ability to share that information with friends, family and coaches and clinicians.

  1. We believe technology should improve people's lives,
  2. We believe technology should be accessible to all,
  3. We believe technology can and should be invisible.


Tony Chahine
Chief Executive Officer
Ilaria Varoli
Executive Vice-President
Dan Herman
VP, Strategy & Partnerships
Aiman Dally
Head of Finance
Julie Bosotti
Director of Supply Chain, Smart Fabric & Wearable Technology
Joh​​​​n Persic
Senior Director Of Engineering
Joyce Chow
Director of Research & Development
Milad Alizadeh-Meghrazi
Director of Research & Development
Adrian Straka
Director of Hardware & Manufacturing
Michelle Zheng
Director of Industrial Design & UX
Eric Robert
Director of Knitting Operations & Smart Integration
Milad Afshar
Director of Advanced Materials & Self-Powered Sensors
Abdul Javaid
Director of Data Science

Awards & Citations


Top 20 Company 2018


​Best New Wearable Technology 2018


​Product Innovation Award 2016

Board of Advisors

Milos Popovic
R&D Advisor
David Alter
Medical Advisor
Juan Hinestroza
R&D Advisor
Mounir Zok
Sport Sciences Advisor

ISO Certified

Our Commitment to Quality

We believe in creating life-changing products not only to meet, but exceed, our customer’s expectations. While constantly innovating, we strive for the highest possible quality in our emerging industry. Our organization is committed to continuous improvement and operates using a Quality Management System that is registered to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

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