Care is Close

Phase 1 of the Skiin Early Access Program Launches on October 1, 2020

Skiin is a new way to help you stay connected to loved ones and provide care wherever you are and whenever you want to check-in. Care is closer than you think and all it requires is a change of clothes. Follow the link to discover more ...

Myant to Produce 340,000 Masks Per Month to Help Protect Canadian Frontline Workers Combating COVID-19

By redirecting its textile innovation expertise and reconfiguring its 80,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, Myant is ready to produce up to 340,000 masks per month (with plans to expand capacity to 1,000,000 masks per month), providing relief for mask shortages in communities across the city, the province, and the country.


Monitoring, Triaging and Providing Care from Afar in a Post-COVID World

How can healthcare providers assess a potential COVID-19 patient's vital signs from afar? How can patients who are reluctant to visit a hospital connect to care?

Skiin, Myant's garment-based biometric monitoring technology enabled by the Myant Platform, is at the center of a partnership between Myant and KITE Research Institute to clinically validate textile computing applications ranging from remote patient monitoring to telerehabilitation.


Latest Developments

Myant Inc. announced the establishment of a dedicated laboratory for the development of next-gen connected performance solutions enabled via textiles that sense and react to the human body. The mission of the "Connect to Conquer Performance Lab" will be to ...

The partnership aims to validate the efficacy of solutions built on the Myant Platform which use garments powered by Skiin to assess conditions and deliver therapy to the patient's body. This new mode of connecting patients to care solves the fundamental challenges that have limited the proliferation of telehealth ...