Care is Close

Phase 1 of the Skiin Early Access Program has Launched!

Skiin is a new way to help you stay connected to loved ones and provide care wherever you are and whenever you want to check-in. Care is closer than you think and all it requires is a change of clothes. Follow the link to discover more ...

Myant Unveils Connected PPE Concepts, Creating New Ways to Assess Health and Performance as Part of the Skiin Interconnected System of Biometric Garments

As the idea of wearing PPE evolved from a reactionary preventative measure to an integral part of daily living in the post-COVID world, Myant began to envision ways that a connected biometric sensing mask could integrate into the company’s broader vision for Skiin (, a network of interconnected biometric garments that span across the different spheres of life.


Clinical Study Initiated to Examine the Ability of Myant’s Textile-Based Biometric Solutions to Capture ECG and Other Biometrics in Pediatric Population

Myant has announced the start of a clinical study at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) with support of the bioengineering capabilities of the KITE Research Institute at the University Health Network, to examine the efficacy and feasibility of Myant’s textile-based monitoring solutions to capture medical-grade biometric data in the pediatric population.


Latest Developments

Myant Inc., global pioneer and leader in textile computing, has announced the opening of a new business division, Myant USA ( to support the growth of its partnerships in the United States. The new office, to be located in the American Northeast, will ...

The partnership aims to validate the efficacy of solutions built on the Myant Platform which use garments powered by Skiin to assess conditions and deliver therapy to the patient's body. This new mode of connecting patients to care solves the fundamental challenges that have limited the proliferation of telehealth ...