R & D


In an area where it has been traditionally science focused, Myant has expanded R & D efforts to the arts.  A team of mechanical, electrical, computer, textile engineers, work with fashion, industrial, U/I and U/X designers that also work with data scientists, chemists, software developers, knit technicians, medical doctors, sport scientists and of course garment assembly experts, whom together have developed a team of Myant trained textile technology integrators.  All of these very different expertise work along side each other and sometimes against each other to create and discover incredible innovations.

The team looks at everything from fibre level development to examining physiological influencers on the end product.   The innovations have to have mass appeal and wide adoption in order to be disruptive.

  • fibers and yarns
  • inks and pastes
  • films and lamination
  • bindings, adhesives, coatings
  • processing and integration
  • knitting
  • sewing
  • printing
  • collaborations with industry leaders
  • established relationships with research partners
  • physiology
  • biomechanics
  • human factors
  • artificial intelligence