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    Integrate Technology

    Myant has access to over 70 patents, supported by a team of researchers who are continuously developing new technologies. Our engineers work hand-in-hand with our designers in order to balance user interface and design with technical requirements.

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    Foster Innovation

    We create products intelligently, but quickly. We are believers in the lean methodology, which allows us to adapt to and integrate new trends and ideas that can improve the product throughout the entire development process.

    Test for Quality

    Myant houses equipment that allows testing for battery life, reliability, connectivity, data loss, sensor accuracy, signal strength and circuitry strength, among many other product specifications. Myant is uniquely skilled at creating testing processes for new products and technologies that do not yet have established industry standards. We also work in partnership with the National Research Council and Toronto Rehab, to access in-depth studies from global leaders in health and science.