Identify Company Needs

If you are looking for a specific wearable solution, we are here to listen, collaborate and deliver a final product. If you are new to the wearable space, the Myant Executive Team is made up of seasoned business veterans, who have built products and experiences for billion dollar companies, and can work with you in partnership to decide where to begin.


Identify User Needs

Our design sense is centered on the end user. Before we build anything we conduct a thorough evaluation of your target audience by creating user personas. We also interact with real users, learning about their hobbies, interests and adoption rate to new technologies.

Design for Aspiration

We like to build big before scaling back. In order to innovate you need to imagine where your product will be several years down the line and design within that vision.

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Design for Usability

We take our aspirations and find out what the user actually expects and wants from the product. This is done through intensive internal and external focus groups, work shopping and testing. During this stage we eliminate the complexity that is often found in a prototype design, and redesign it for the end user.