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    With dedicated R & D lab and a full production rooms, our state-of-the-art robotic knitting facility supports the fluidity and precision needed to create connected textiles.

    As one of the only operations of this scale in North America, Myant owns over 20 computerized seamless and warped knitting machines. Contained in humidity and temperature controlled environment, these machines allow for an almost fully assembled garment with little requirements for manual finishing.

    The use of robotic knitting machines allow for development of smart textiles from a yarn level and enables the ability to integrate smart yarns through the knitting process in an engineered structures for optimizing placement of passive and active technologies.

    Equipment and software highlights:

    • Optitex
    • Dinema Diagraph 6
    • Santoni TOP2
    • Santoni TR1
    • Santoni WARP
    • Lonati Sock Knitting Machine