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    Dedicated equipment for R and D is advantageous in accelerating the process without impacting production. Our in house equipment inventory, is perpetually growing with the ever changing needs of the projects going through the R & D labs. The team works closely with partners and also in collaboration with 3rd party facilities to validate new developments.

    Equipment highlights:

    • FLIR thermal imaging cameras
    • high magnifying microscopic cameras
    • master textile sample makers
    • humidity chambers
    • thermal conveyor ovens
    • IR curing unit
    • Lesco UV curing unit
    • 3 roll ink mill
    • 4 tier ink tumbler
    • Nano Print Plus screen printer
    • ATMA screen printer
    • Svecia 4 post semi-automatic screen printer
    • temperature chambers
    • industrial washer and dryer
    • AATCC Crockmeter
    • Trotec laser cutter
    • Brookfield viscometer
    • Platen heat press
    • Radiant Zemax colorimeter
    • variable power supply
    • access to partner and 3rd party testing facilities and research centres