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    The Hardware and Manufacturing team is responsible for delivering a seamless physical product experience. This is achieved through consolidating multiple engineering verticals (electronics, firmware, mechanical and smart textiles) and integrating them into clothing. Accuracy, reliability and robustness are just a few of the core values that we are embedding into our smart clothing hardware platform.


    The software team at Myant follows a test-driven, agile development methodology, with short 2 week development cycles (i.e. sprints). This enables us to tightly couple the software development process to changes in the hardware, firmware and data science components of the product. This process allows us to quickly test and iterate on the UX/UI of the software, and ensure the overall product design is consistent through both the physical and digital components of the product.


    At Myant we use advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning (supervised and unsupervised methods), pattern recognition, signal processing, and cloud computing to analyze bio-signals and interaction data. We design  cutting edge intelligent algorithms for continuous and accurate monitoring, interaction, and analytics. Our algorithms constantly adapt to user’s lifestyle and evolve accordingly. Our machine learning and data scientists are involved in publishing and patenting of our breakthroughs, and are engaged with academic communities such as conferences.