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    Research suggests there will be over 50 million wearable devices by 2020, each competing for ownership in the marketplace. In order to achieve the level of connected devices forecasted for the future, an infrastructure needs to be established to support and guide this transition. Myant focuses on being the leader in wearable technology production by being a completely open supply chain for innovators.

    Our projects are guided by our core values of compatibility, intuition and utility.

    We believe that the wearable technology marketplace should be a shared one, so we make devices that speak clearly to one another, leverage existing frameworks and build compliance standards wherever they don’t exist.

    User intuition guides our design and production process from start to finish. We look for solutions that have minimal interference with user habits or routines. We seek to make people’s lives easier through wearable technology, not more complicated.

    We create products for utility, rather than gimmick. Technology advances create endless possibilities, but we prefer to make clothing that is useful, long lasting and that people actually want to wear.