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    Myant did not happen by chance, it emerged from a combination of experiences in my life, a lot of research, trial and error, personal investment, and the dedication of the people around me.

    When I say personal investment, I’m not referring to a monetary investment only but rather to many years of hard work: many failed attempts and many successes. These past failures and successes have slowly built what I believe to be the basis of a very solid and relevant enterprise of textile computing. We originally went searching for a supply chain, from supplier to supplier, from yarn companies to manufacturing plants to R & D labs around the globe. What I found is a complete inflexibility to change, and without change there cannot be true innovation.

    I am now actually grateful for all the road blocks we encountered, as they forced us to find and make our own solutions, to innovate and to dream at a higher, more profound level. It is remarkable what resilience, tenacity and a stubborn positivity can do.

    Finally, this arduous process taught me one very important lesson, I needed to surround myself with people who dreamed large dreams, who were able to see the invisible and who had relentless passion.

    This is the only way to build a future that delivers a significant beneficial impact to humankind.

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    Tony Chahine  |   CEO