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    Myant knits humanity together.

    We are a world leader in the new industry of Textile Computing.

    Our mission is to create a digital human presence that connects every human being to self, others, AI and the world around us.

    Our goal to enhance and protect humanity, combined with the insight that we are constantly surrounded by textile lead us to design a disruptive solution.

    Our solution is Textile Computing.

    A New Category

    Myant is an innovation hub for designing, developing and producing wearable technology. Seven years ago we identified textile as the form factor that would connect the human to the Internet of Things. Since then we have been developing and assembling the technology required in an end-to-end textile supply chain. Our facility boasts a state-of-the-art 3D digital fabrication and robotic knitting division, a printed electronics lab, a traditional cut and sew operation, and significant proprietary technologies.

    Our in-house team holds an array of talents, and are industry leaders in fashion design, chemistry, physics, software development and engineering. We’ve created a diverse group of talent, with the expertise to deliver on any project. Together we believe in intelligently integrating and embedding technology into textiles in order to change how we live. Every project we create starts with a purpose.


    We are developing the world’s first Textile Computing platform.

    We chose textile because it covers most of the body, most of the time, for most of the population. It is always on.
    It senses and responds to bio-data for increased accuracy, anticipatory and preventative healthcare and bi-directional therapy. It has the ability to capture and analyze sweat, and the potential of remote, non-invasive drug delivery.


    SKIIN Evolving Humanity through Smart Clothing.

    SKIIN is our brand of clothing that integrates technology into everyday apparel.
    The first product is a smart, bio-sensing base layer that features ECG, breathing, motion detection, hydration level, posture analysis and temperature.

    Our team has developed advanced algorithms to track sleep, stress, activity and to integrate with smart homes. We are launching additional clothing and textile form factors to cover the entire body throughout all daily activities. skiin.com


    The Future

    By 2022 10% of the global population will be wearing clothes connected to the internet (World Economic Forum).

    Myant was created with the future in mind. We are an ultimate partner to deliver a reliable conduit to the human body for healthcare, communication, transportation, entertainment, connecting to smart cities and other activities as part of life today. Our API allows others to build solutions on top of our hardware, unlocking infinite possibilities.