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    Turning ideas into finished product is what we’re the best at.

    We create custom wearable technology solutions for businesses and individuals of all shapes and sizes, allowing them to tap into our network of skills and resources, planning and executing a product that fits their needs. Our knowledge and experience in smart textiles inspires our customers to think outside the box, forecast the future of their brand, and let us to build it for them.

    Myant can develop projects from scratch, facilitate in designing current projects for mass production, source or develop technology to meet the project’s demands, and everything in between. Our clients range from global retailers and government agencies to early stage startups. In order to create a truly universal and shared wearable technology platform, we have developed technology that is multifunctional and can meet the needs of our diverse clients.



    • Enhance value proposition through introducing a digital experience to customers.
    • Bridge your physical and digital brand experience by giving your product connected features.



    • Creating superior equipment and uniforms for extreme environments.
    • Improve working conditions through employee health and safety monitoring.



    • Access measurable biological data for fitness, mindfulness, assisted living and elderly care.
    • Offer injury recovery technology that can be worn more easily by a customer through textile integration.



    • Eliminate trips to the doctors office through remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management.
    • Shorten emergency response time by predicting when incidents will happen next.