The Team

  • Tony Chahine
  • Ilaria Varoli
    Executive Vice-President
  • Aiman Dally
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark Klibanov
    Vice President of Engineering
  • Joyce Chow
    Research And Development Director
  • Milad Alizadeh-Meghrazi
    Director of Research & Development
  • Ali Etemad
    Director of Data Science and Intelligent Systems
  • Gagan Gill
    Director Of Product And Marketing
  • Adrian Straka
    Director of Hardware and Manufacturing
  • Daniel Stone
    Director of Software Engineering
  • Eric Robert
    Director of Seamless Operations
  • Milad Afshar
    Director of Energy Harvesting and Storage
  • Mel Coats
    Director Of Application Engineering
  • Steve Aitken
    Product Manager
  • Julie Bosotti
    Director of Supply Chain, Smart Fabric & Wearable Technology
  • Michelle Zheng
    Director of Industrial Design and UX
  • Jiwon Yang
    Mechanical Engineer
  • Monica Nealis
    Product Developer
  • Parth Jain
    Hardware Engineer
  • Godfried Edelman
    Research and Development (R & D) Application Specialist
  • Ladan Eskandarian
    R & D Textile Engineer
  • Tiago Gabardo
    Firmware Lead
  • Justin Ngo
    Software Engineer
  • Rishabh Gupta
    Data Science And Algorithm Developer
  • George Montgomery
    Software Engineer
  • Alex Lee
    Assembly Technician
  • Farhana Abbas
    Research Scientist-Printed Electronic
  • Nurhan Aycan
  • Joel Finlayson
    Advisor-Business Development
  • Matt Mesnik
  • Vikram Sharma
    Advisor-R & D
  • Juan Hinestroza
    Advisor-R & D
  • Mounir Zok
    Advisor-Sport Sciences
  • Milos Popovic
    Advisor-R & D