​What we make

Functional fibres with embedded biometric electrodes and actuators (heat, cooling and electric stimulus).

The SKIIN Platform

Clothes, car seats, bed sheets. Textile Computing can be applied across 24 hours of human activity, and across life stage. Myant's SKIIN Textile Computing platform includes applications for heart health monitoring, maternal and fetal ECG monitoring, remote rehabilitation, sleep health and more.

​The Digital Factory

​Transforming your operations for Textile Computing

​How we make it

With 80,000 square foot of advanced manufacturing capacity in Toronto, Canada.

An end-to-end process

R & D

Bringing Textile Computing to life requires specialized research and development on fiber and materials, electrophysiology, biochemistry, hemodynamics and biomechanics and more.


From functional fibers and yarns through to conductive polymers and nanoparticles, Myant is at the forefront of new material development and application.

​Engineering & UX

To create the seamless interface between textile and electronics and software Myant excels in rapid prototyping, testing and the development of customer-centric solutions.

​Product Design

Myant creates Textile Computing solutions that are functional, beautiful and render the technology itself invisible to the naked eye.

​Technology Integration

​Creating a seamless interface between electronics and textiles requires unique expertise.

​Data Science

Our data scientists use artificial intelligence, machine learning and signal processing to translate biosignals and biodata into insights and a deeper understanding of our bodies.

​Testing & Validation

We test our products and solutions in-house as well as with leading 3rd party health, electronics and sensor-focused partners.


Operating from an 80,000 square feet manufacturing facility, Myant deploys the world’s most advanced robotic knitting capabilities to bring ideas and designs to life, at scale.

​Let's work together.

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