Myant’s printed electronics technologies are a combination of science, engineering and design where we push the envelopes to innovate and develop flexible electronic devices, sensors, actuators; and find unique ways to integrate them with textile. Most of our innovations are attributed to using nanomaterials (e.g. Graphene, Carbon nanotubes, Silver nanowires), intrinsically conductive polymers (e.g. PEDOT, PSS, PANI ), silicon-based organic polymers (PDMS) that have led to development of different ink formulations, and technology advancement using screen printing, inkjet printing and laser etching processes.

List of printed technologies that we are developing:

  • ECG electrodes using flexible conductive polymers
  • temperature sensors
  • pressure sensors using piezoelectric and piezoresistive inks
  • RFID tags
  • stretch sensors
  • chemical sensors
  • electrochemical sensors
  • flexible supercapacitor
  • electroluminescent light