The use of seamless circular, warp and flat knitting allows for the most natural next to skin solution. Robotic knitting provides the ability to seamlessly integrate a mix of different yarns to achieve passive and active functions in precise targeted locations within a single garment or product.


  • anti-microbial
  • insect repellent
  • UV protective
  • thermoregulation, ventilation zones
  • moisture management (hydrophobic/hydrophilic)
  • mild, moderate, heavy compression
  • seamless, engineered fit, anti-chaffing
  • knit structures for extra support, cushioning, increase range of motion, movement restriction
  • dynamic adaptive knit structures
  • thermochromic- temperature adaptive
  • photochromic-light adaptive
  • electrochromic-electric adaptive
  • piezochromic-pressure adaptive
  • solvatechromic-adaptive to liquid or gas
  • active heat elements
  • phase changing
  • environmental sensing
  • body zone temperature sensing
  • biometric sensing (HR, HRV, Hydration, BR, body fat ratio, activity)