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Textile Computing is the new sports platform.

Boost Performance

Continuous data collection from athletes for better performance and fewer injuries. Connect and track team movement and performance.

Enhance Equipment

Design equipment as a platform: bikes, boats, golf clubs, tennis rackets – textiles are an integral part of most sporting equipments.

Connect With Fans

Build fan engagement with a connection like never before. Visualize excitement with connected textiles. Monitor and broadcast biometrics of eSports athletes.

Discover New Revenues

Equipment, apparel and accessories become platforms through which data can be connected and a new way of communication can be established between brands and their followers.

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We can work with you during the ideation phase to come up with innovative products that solve a specific market need

R & D

Our data scientists and engineers research and prototype to test concepts and  collaborate with leading academic partners


Our designers across the fields of fashion, industrial, UX and digital design believe in generative and iterative processes


We have over 80,000 square feet of advanced robotic knitting, printing, sewing, software & hardware capabilities

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