​SKIIN Platform

Enabling leading brands new ways to engage their customers with the power of Myant's SKIIN Textile Computing platform and its ecosystem of sensing and actuating capabilities.

Unprecedented connection to the human body

Whether it's ECG monitoring for pregnant mothers and their babies, performance monitoring for athletics, or slip and fall detection and enzyme analysis for elderly care, SKIIN provides sensing and actuating capabilities across life stages and across 24 hours of human activity.

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​Your Brand, Powered ​by SKIIN

SKIIN provides industry partners with an unparalleled opportunity to enhance engagement with end-users by providing value-rich experiences and to build new revenue models based on truly connected products.

​A new model of customer engagement

SKIIN transforms passive products into a platform for insight, knowledge and self-improvement. 

​A new model of ​revenue generation

SKIIN enables new revenue channels through the development of subscription based monitoring and engagement. 

​A new model of ​​innovation

SKIIN enables partners with a powerful extension to their internal innovation teams - from fiber science through design and data analysis.

​Our Mission

We are working to close the digital divide. By making the familiar fabrics that surround us everyday smart, we’re creating technology that almost everyone already understands and knows how to use.

Smart fabrics that are comfortable and washable, yet are able to sense, measure, and deliver deep insights into our health and well-being enable a remote connection to health care providers and support systems that many people may not be able to access otherwise. We are working to close that gap.

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