Myant is establishing the world’s leading innovation hub for designing, developing, and producing Textile Computing products.

We aim to close the gap between universities and industry by working with corporate partners, startups and academic institutions to advance and commercialize cutting-edge textile technologies.

An innovative solution needs groundbreaking research…

Myant is committed to advancing the field of Textile Computing. We are open to collaborating with universities and other research institutions, together we can cover more ground and make breakthroughs faster that are changing lives. Our in-house expertise spans disciplines from chemical, electrical mechanical and biomedical engineering to a dedicated data science team. Please contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Let’s Collaborate

And the means to make a concept into a reality.

We work with leading industrial partners from around the globe to commercialize Textile Computing solutions. This includes exclusive agreements with STOLL A.G, a world leader in the development of robotic knitting machines, and Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, a global leader in next-generation conductive yarns and connectors. Together with these and other industry partners, Myant is democratizing access to textile computing and building solutions that apply to industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, health and safety, military, performance apparel, and more.

Let’s Work Together

Ways you can work with us

1. Powered By SKIIN Partnerships

If you are a brand that has interest in adding “smart” capabilities to your textile products or already have a smart textiles product but want to make it more comfortable, Myant can help. Using our world-class textile-based technology, we can embed sensors and actuators directly into your existing products, allowing you to access human data and the IoT.

2. SKIIN Developer Partners

We’re building SKIIN as a platform to unlock the infinite possibilities of Textile Computing. If you’re a developer with an idea of how to take advantage of the sensors and actuators in our SKIIN products, you can request access to our developer tools here.

3. Research and Development, Engineering, Contract Manufacturing

Myant is an end-to-end operation with expertise in product design, manufacturing, R&D – all the way down to the fiber level. The possibilities in textile are endless, and Myant can help you design, develop and manufacture custom Textile Computing products.

4. The Digital Textile Factory

Our technology, our know-how, your facility. Ask us how a Myant Digital Textile Factory can empower you to manufacture Textile Computing products in your own facility.

5. Textile Computing Incubator

Myant is a technology hub for aspiring entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, scientists, researchers, students and creative people who want to turn their ideas into reality.

We are able to help startups in a number of ways, ultimately reducing time to market by removing barriers associated with building prototypes, developing IP and producing at scale. We make equity investments, provide in-kind support and access to our state-of-the-art prototyping and manufacturing facilities.

Contact us for more information and how to apply.

Let’s Work Together