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    Wearables at war: How smart textiles are lightening the load for soldiers

    If you thought your Fitbit, Samsung Gear or Apple Watch was a bit fiddly, imagine using a wearable while “holding a rifle, in the dark, when you’re being shot at.” That’s the challenge facing companies building wearables for the military Continue reading


    Sustainable biomedical textiles for the future

    The textile and clothing industry has a long history in Switzerland. In order to remain competitive in the international market, the industry relies on innovations. The “SUBITEX – Sustainable Biomedicine Textiles” research initiative was set up by Empa and Swiss Textiles, the Swiss textile industry association, for this very purpose. Through innovative approaches and knowledge transfer, researchers and players in the industry are working tirelessly together to promote innovations in the field of biomedical textiles, and to bring them to the market more rapidly. Continue reading



    Health-sensing clothes may save lives of infants, first responders

    Stepan Gorgutsa had a technology in need of an application. Gorgutsa, an optics engineer, knew how to make fibers for the telecommunications industry and had just started migrating the idea of flexible fibers to textiles. Continue reading


    Researchers have woven a ‘smart’ fabric that mimics one of our bodies’ hardiest tissues

    For the first time, researchers have created a ‘smart’ fabric that mimics a type of special human tissue called the peritoneum. It’s hoped that this kind of fabric could be used to create anything from protective suits that stiffen on impact, to biological tissues that could replace and repair joints in the future. Continue reading



    Artificial Intelligence to aid driving behavior and prevent accidents

    The whole idea of digital India is to have a seamless connection across sectors and services, of which transportation is one. Urban transportation is one way that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will pave its way into the Indian automotive sector, through smart solutions such as behavioral learning. Continue reading


    Canada put on the smart textiles map with new alliance

    The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) has teamed up with industry members to officially form the Smart Textile and Wearables Innovation Alliance, aimed at creating visibility for the smart textile industry and position Canada as a global leader in this emerging sector. Continue reading 


    4 Smart Textiles Revolutionizing the Future of Fabric

    Smart textiles, also known as E-textiles, smart garments, tech fabrics, and smart fabrics, are materials based on technology that integrate advanced features beneficial to the wearer. In an interview with Forbes,  Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, smart textiles and wearable technologies expert stated,  “what makes smart fabrics revolutionary is that they have the ability to do many things that traditional fabrics cannot, including communicate, transform, conduct energy and even grow.” And as crazy as it might sound, having computers and technology literally integrated into our clothing is not only acceptable but may one day be the norm. Continue reading


    New Exosuit Fabric Could Boost Mobility in People with Disabilities

    Knitting and weaving artificial muscles could help create soft exoskeletons that people with disabilities could wear under their clothes to help them walk, according to new research. Textile processing is one of humanity’s oldest technologies, but in recent years there has been renewed interest in using it to create “smart” textiles that can do everything from harvest power from the environment to monitor our health. Continue reading


    Graphene’s Infusion in Textiles is the Future of Wearable Electronics

    Smart clothes are a highly promising field of development, where everything from health monitors to LED displays are integrated into clothes. But the textiles developed are said to rely on rigid components, unfit to be worn practically, as clothes. Now, new research is promising better smart clothes without rigid components or expensive manufacturing. Scientists from the Cambridge Graphene Centre (CGC) and Jiangnan University have developed conductive cotton fabric that is laced with graphene ink. Continue reading


    A Smart Textile That Moves Like Muscle

    Researchers have in Australia have developed a smart textile from carbon nanotube and spandex fibres that can both sense and move in response to a stimulus, just like a human muscle or joint. The work was published in ACS Nano. Lead researcher Dr. Javad Foroughi from the ARC Center of Excellence for Electromaterials Science noted that previous research has led to the development of intelligent materials as sensors, such as in a knee sleeve that can be used to monitor the movement of the joint. Continue reading


    URI biomedical engineering professor creating smart gloves to monitor Parkinson’s disease patients

    rescribing a medication plan for a patient with Parkinson’s disease is a big challenge for doctors, but now a University of Rhode Island biomedical engineering professor and his students are making great strides in solving that problem with their groundbreaking research. Kunal Mankodiya, director of URI’s Wearable Biosensing Laboratory, says he’s researching how to transform gloves, socks, clothing and even shoes into high-tech items that will make people healthier—and improve their lives. Continue reading


    Smart fabric creates renewable energy

    Just the thing for that run in the sun, a T-shirt that harvests the energy from solar radiation, while at the same time scavenging the mechanical energy from its own movement so it can store that electric power in its own battery fabric. The latest sportswear fashion parade from designers in China and the US presents a three-way fabric that incorporates interwoven fibers that serve as solar cells, nanogenerators and supercapacitors. The day of the wearable electronic device is at hand. Continue reading