The Digital Textile Factory

Enabling your innovation

Harness Stoll’s 145+ years of knitting machinery expertise and Myant’s proprietary biometric sensing and actuation to create your textile solution. The Digital Textile Factory gives entrepreneurs, innovators and established industry players access to a virtual factory for ideation, R&D, design and scalable manufacturing of textile computing products.

Myant is developing the world’s first Textile Computing Platform

Our mission is to create a digital human presence that connects every human being to self, others, AI and the world around us. Textile Computing uses sensors and actuators to create a 24 hour, continuous and bidirectional human-machine interface.

Use our platform as your end-to-end solution for custom textile projects or industry training


We can work with you during the ideation phase to come up with innovative products that solve a specific market need

R & D

Our data scientists and engineers research and prototype to test concepts and  collaborate with leading academic partners


Our designers across the fields of fashion, industrial, UX and digital design believe in generative and iterative processes


We have over 80,000 square feet of advanced robotic knitting, printing, sewing, software & hardware capabilities

Use Case Examples


The first product on Myant’s SKIIN platform, the bio-sensing underwear, is a discrete way to proactively monitor and track a user’s health and biometrics.

Heart Health monitoring: Discretely monitor ECG 24/7, to detect heart rhythm and important cardiac events (i.e. Atria Fibrillation).

Slip and Fall Detection: Using an embedded accelerometer and specially designed algorithms, the garment can detect when a fall occurs and alert family members and caregivers.

Activity, Stress and Sleep Tracking: For a wholistic view of your health to help you enjoy a better emotional and physical health.


Adaptive wireless heated garment keeps you comfortable in cold weather during any activity.

Heating Zones: Strategically placed at the hands, Sides of the Abdomen, Thighs and Toes to provide optimal comfort.

Textile Button: Seamlessly knitted into the sleeve for easy adjustment of the garment temperature and power.

Modular Electronics: Interchangeable pods for top and bottom located comfortably around the waist.

Knee or Arm Braces// Pain Relief + Remote Therapy

The Smart Belt adjusts in size to connect to the power source and activate the brace.

Stretch Sensing: Monitors joint flexion and extension to track recovery.

Targeted Therapy: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) relieves pain in the knee.

Zoned Compression & Ventilation: Engineered knit structures for contouring and targeted support, plus areas of release ventilation.

Heat Stimulation: Active heat zones increase blood flow and relieve pain.

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