Redefining human connection through textile computing

Our Vision Of The Future

We are reinventing the way humans interact in the digital age. We are re-engineering monitoring, diagnosis and remote treatment. We are re-imagining social
connections both near and far.

Our CEO, Tony Chahine, discusses textile as the computer interface of the future.

We Are An End-To-End Solution for Smart, Functional Textile Products


We can work with you during the ideation phase to come up with innovative products that solve a specific market need

R & D

Our data scientists and engineers research and prototype to test concepts and  collaborate with leading academic partners


Our designers across the fields of fashion, industrial, UX and digital design believe in generative and iterative processes


We have over 80,000 square feet of advanced robotic knitting, printing, sewing, software & hardware capabilities

Textile Computing In Action

SKIIN Smart Clothing

SKIIN is Myant’s consumer brand that is integrating technology into everyday apparel – creating a continuous digital presence to better connect, enhance and protect humanity.

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Zoll LifeVest

Myant and ZOLL partnered to make future generations of this FDA-approved, wearable defibrillator more comfortable and efficient.

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I never imagined that some of those wearable products we envision for the future are already sitting in our own backyard, in Toronto, where Myant has been developing them quietly for the past few years.

Hany Aziz, Profession & Associate Director, Internal, Nanotechnology Engineering Program at University of Waterloo

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